In 2009, my family and I (my wife and I and 2 boys) moved to Australia from the United States.I love the US, but Australia has been wonderful to us, and I hope to be able to share with you many of our past, current, and future experiences in this wonderful country – all with the perspective of an American living abroad.

I am also sports nut.  American sports.  So you’ll get a decent dose of that here, but again with a slant toward what its like to be watching from down under.

And anything else that piques my interest…

However you’ve found your way here – welcome!  Maybe you are coming to visit Australia, maybe you are already here, or maybe you’ll be moving soon. Whatever brought you here, I hope you’ll find something interesting.  If you do, please share.  Topics will range far and wide, but I hope everyone can find something to enjoy!  And I hope you will return!